Monday, October 4, 2010

Hilarious Website

While flipping through the channels the other night, Rusty stopped on E! and we saw Joan Rivers talking about some celeb's outfit. I said, 'Man! She looks like that puppet, Madame!' Joan has had so much plastic surgery she now resembles a puppet popular in the early '80's. I immediately got online to try to find pictures of both of them to compare and apparently, somebody has had the same thought! Don't believe me? Check it out:

You might not see it right here, but believe me. When she's talking, she's Madame's doppelganger.

is my new favorite website!

It's not easy being green.

Like, fur surely, they're sisters, right?

Whoa man...that's like looking in a mirror, man.

'C is for cookie and cookie is for me!'

'Dance your cares away {clap, clap}, worries for another daa-aaa-aay!
Let the music play {clap, clap}, down at Fraggle Rock!'
{You're welcome. Now you have that song stuck in your head, too. Don't you? Sadly, I also had hair like Tina back in a day, only black. And probably twice as much!}

Shout out to all my Star Wars fans out there!
{Cade, I'm talking to you, buddy!}

Awww...this one is just cute!

Many Hail Marys for this I must say.

Blago!!! Yes! I've always thought this in my head!

Not so much my favorite as it is just a little bit creepy.

Val, Kevin, Tammy, Nancy! What does this mean???

Talk about freakin' scary!

Man, I thought the Phil Collins pic was creepy. Nope. THIS one is creepy.

This is funny to me because I am constantly doing this. You know, saying if so-and-so were morphed together or had a kid it would like what's-his-name. This one is spot on!

This one is for Rusty. We saw this musical on our honeymoon when we were in Boston. Think I'll talk more about that later this week.
That is all for now. You really should check out this website. It's good for a few good laughs and hours of wasted time. Enjoy!
BTW, this reminds me: I have a niece that totally looks like Dakota Fanning. Maybe we should submit a comparison pic, Steph.

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