Monday, October 25, 2010

Seeing Red {Green}

Soooo, a couple weeks ago (OK, more like 4-6, but who's counting?) Red Green came to town. Never heard of him? Well, he's this crazy Canuck with his own show on PBS. And Cade loves it. I mean, if he misses it by accidentally falling asleep before it starts, he's super bummed!
We weren't able to get tickets to the show, but we thought we'd surprise Cade and take him to see Red up close and personal at the local Ace Hardware Store. When we told Cade that we were taking him to see his favorite handyman (and 'handyman' loosely defined here), he went as giddy as laid back Cade gets. Since Red's modus operandi is fixing anything and everything with duct tape, I thought (quite cleverly it seemed at the time) it would be HYSTERICAL to have Cade take a roll of duct tape for Mr. Green to autograph.

Waiting anxiously with his roll of 'the handyman's secret weapon.'

Ha ha. See what they did there? They're on to his duct tape schtick. maybe I wasn't as clever as I originally thought...

Now, if you've ever seen Cade's head, you know perfectly well that it is, in fact, quite capable of doing this kind of damage.

This, of course, was Cade's idea of a sight gag. Didn't realize we had an audience until we were taking these pictures and got a pretty good chuckle from the crowd around us.

See, now, I'm totally second guessing my perspicacity regarding the whole duct tape thing. Clearly these Ace people have seen the show, too.

I have no words. Just thought the picture would be enough. I'm thinking he's a fan of the show as well...

Oh. Right. Well then.
{Major eye roll directed solely at me.}

Cade went right up to him, shook his hand, answered his question ('What's your name?') and asked Red if he would write 'Keep your stick on the ice' on the paper.
Oh yeah.
And he also signed the duct tape.

When I look at this picture I think 2 things:
1. HA! Duct tape sign. IN THE PICTURE! And
2. Surely I've had Cade's hair cut since then?

Pretty sure Cade enjoyed this more than just sitting in the crowd, god knows how far away, listening to Red's practiced 'wit and wisdom' that really only most adults can appreciate. Although I'm sure it would have been pretty cool to have heard him recite the Man's Prayer live and in person. And I would've loved to hear him say my favorite quote from the show:
Remember, you may have to grow old, but you don't have to mature.

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