Sunday, April 10, 2011

I forgot about Spring Break

So I realize I haven't really posted anything going on with us for a while, but I'm blaming it on muh allergies. This whole time I've been thinking, "Man, I don't have any pictures to post! I need to take some pictures or something." Then I picked up my camera and noticed that it had close to 200 photos in it. Huh. Oh yeah. We had Spring Break, didn't we? And it's not like it was a boring, unforgettable week. Oh, no. It was a blast. We started things off with Cade having a friend over. They created the 'Mother of All Forts.'

Pretty good, right? They put a fitted sheet on top of a circle of chairs, then put other blankets around the perimeter. It. Was. Awesome.

It was the perfect place to battle Beyblades. BTW, I don't usually get overly excited about a new toy that Cade discovers, but this one was actually pretty cool. You put this zip-type stick inside a launcher and pull it out really fast and it sends a disc/top-type spinner or 'blade' spinning out. On the sheet it makes this cool 'wwwhhzzzzzz' sound. But I digress.
(Also note what channel the TV is on in the photo above. It will prove a point later.)

So, naturally, Lydia wanted her own fort. I mean 'fortress.' A big one.
So I pulled out the old stretchy ball thing (anybody know what it's really called?). Lydia stands in the middle of it and says, "This fortress needs some windows and curtains here and here, " while pointing to either side of the ball. I stood there dumbfounded and slightly embarrassed by what I just heard. It was then that I realized my addiction to DIY channel. You know it's pretty bad when your three year old starts decorating and renovating her own fortress.
Anyway, 2 windows with treatments and about eight blankets later, Lydia got her own fortress with no boys allowed.

It was the perfect place to get away and have a snack.

Also a pretty good place to watch DIY, I mean, Nick Jr.

Then Lydia started dance class for the first time! And guess who was in her class as well?
Yep! Raegan. Awesome. They love it. And I love it. What I don't love?

The fact that the teacher doesn't want parents in during class time. This is the view I get during class. Nice. Does she not know that I am the habitual photo taker of every second of every day of my children's lives??? It's killing me, I tell you. Killing. Me. I have to wait until next class when, for the last 15 minutes of the class, FINALLY we get to come in for a mini recital for the girls to show off what they've learned. God help me. I don't think there are enough digital recording devices in my possession to document the event. They should be posted some time next week. But you knew that already.

So then we went down to Wichita for a few days to visit with our nieces.
We visited the Exploration Place first.

The theme for this season was K'nex.
They had some pretty cool displays.

Can you imagine how long it must have taken to put this together?

This sculpture reminded me of those old string art pieces from the 70's and 80's, only way
more sophisticated.

The black light hall.
Didn't actually think this picture would come out, but what do you know?

I think this display was made just for Lydia, my little flower head girl.

Water fun.

When Cade was this exact age, he loved this toy every bit as much as Lydia did.
I have a very similar one of Cade somewhere.
Couldn't find for this post.

That's my kid, king of the sight gags.

She learns from the best.

They had a shark exhibit on the other side of the K'nex exhibit.
It was very interesting, but did they have to put blood on Brother Bruce here?

Another cool K'nex display.
Almost made me want to come back home and break out Cade's K'nex and build my own masterpiece.

More water fun!

This was an F1 tornado simulator.
Doesn't seem as scary or destructive like this.

After lunch, we headed to the zoo.

Why'd it have to be bats?

This guy seemed bummed that his ball didn't bounce.

"Oooohh give me a hooooome...."

Lydia said these were mommy and daddy birds.
Hhhmmmm....wonder where she learned that?

The only thing missing from this display?
A pint of Charlie Sheen's tiger blood.
(You might have to click on the picture to be able to tell what all is in here.
It was in a display right outside the tiger exhibit.)

She looks like she enjoying herself here.
She's actually about 2 seconds away from being terrified.
She thought it looked like fun, but upon actually trying it out, decided otherwise.

"Quick! Before the hyena come."

Then out of nowhere, a freak hailstorm hit Wichita.
The dippin' dots-sized hail slid down the slide and formed this little funny
shaped pile. You'll have to click on the photo above to get a better sense of exactly what the 'funny shape' really is.

We went swimming in El Dorado the next day, then went to Salina to see grandparents and celebrate my mom's birthday. THEN we hurried back to town to get Cade to mass since he was serving. He's actually served about five times now, but I haven't had a chance to get a picture until now and they really aren't that great. They didn't have the lights turned on when we got there.

He likes to get there especially early so he can light the candles.

This is Cade, Lizzy and Robert, all fourth graders at Cade's school.
Then we all lazed around on Sunday and drank lemonade.

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