Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Week in Sports

Cade started baseball last week! Well, technically, he's been practicing for a month now, but his games started last Tuesday. We had a bit of a schedule conflict that night as Cade's first game of the season was at 6 at the newly renovated complex out by Lake Shawnee and it was also the night for Lydia's mini-recital at her dance class at the Y, pretty much on the other side of Shawnee County. So we opted for the divide and conquer approach. Since Rusty is a coach on Cade's team, that was the obvious choice there. I went with Lydia and did my best to take pictures and video of her first performance. (That will be in the next post. Still working on getting the video converted to be able to post here.) So Lydia and I showed up at the bottom of the second inning and that's where the pictures start.

So here we go. Topeka Rattlers 2011 Baseball Team.
I tell you, watching Cade's team out there took me back to my high school softball days.
Gotta love the ol' maroon and white.

This one cracked me up.
It's like he's noticing me for the first time and wondering if I was taking his picture?

Missed the tag by this <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
much or so.
Not exactly sure by how much though, because this was when I noticed the Sonic that is right across the street from the complex.

This is pretty much where Lydia spent most of the game: the bull pen.

His first at bat that I witnessed.
He walked.

Aaaaaaand here he is takin' one for the team.
I heard this one from behind first base.

Scoring a run, getting ready to take out the catcher.
(Not really. He put on the Scooby brakes and ended up barely running into #11.)

Getting on base again.
He got on every time he was up. Walked three times and got hit.

Good game, Rattlers.

They barely* beat us.
The coaches have their work cut out for them. And I'm looking forward to spending most Tuesday and Thursdays out there. Hope you are, too, because that's what most of my posts are going to be from here on out. Know it. Love it.
I'm out.

*And I use the word loosely.

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