Saturday, June 11, 2011

TIV was in Town

Yesterday, the TIV from Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers was in town. Not something you see everyday (thank goodness, because let's be honest, if you see these guys in your town and it's not a scheduled tour stop, you're probably in trouble. Amiright?), so it was definitely worth checking out. It looks a lot more...crude and Mad Max-like in person. Still pretty impressive, though. It kind of looks like a bank vault on wheels. From a galaxy far, far away.

This was some of the Discovery Channel crew. They were pretty cool. And I don't mean hip, en vogue or trendy. We're talking aloof, standoffish or frigid toward the general public who ventured out to get a glimpse of the TIV. I felt like saying, 'You're on a friggin' publicity tour, people. At least smile and feign interest.' Ugh.

Not sure what the dude on top was doing.
Probably just looking down on us 'little people'.

I half expected Chewie or Han Solo to pop out of here and start pew-pewing.

I don't know...maybe if Darth Vader needed some wheels on Tatooine...this is what it would look like?

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