Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University now has an incredible exhibit of Legos. I think incredible isn't quite strong enough a word. Awe-inspiring? I don't know. Judge for yourself:

We were invited to meet the artist, Nathan Sawaya, beforehand and attend a breakfast at the alumni center.


Pssh. I could do that.

That's a life-size cello. With an actual bow made entirely of Legos.
And it's strung with real cello strings.

This is the artist's wife.
Click on it.
Now stand back from the screen.
Incredible, right?

Yes, that yes is made of Legos.

If you didn't click on the other photo, you HAVE to click on this one.
It's about a dozen men.
And it's an eye.

Lego family.

The other side.

The solar system. Including Pluto.

He was even able to capture expression with Lego.
My mind is officially blown.

Admit it. When you saw this one, you said in your head, 'I squish you like a bug!'
No? Oh, me neither.

Just a little bit creepy. It's called 'The Courage Within.'
Makes sense, but still just a bit unnerving.

Up top, man!

Check mate.

You ever just have one of those days?

The detail is amazing. It's like a basket weave.

These sculptures will be on display until the middle of September at the Mulvane Art Museum on the Washburn campus. If you're in town, you should definitely check it out. You'll be amazed and leave inspired. Just like Cade.

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