Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cade had his second game of the season on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and we were all excited for another day out at the ball diamonds.  The team we played was...hmmm...not sure how to say it nicely...the team we played belonged out at the lake.  They were way over the top competitively.  They even had the umpires confused (see last 2 pics).  Our boys hung in there, though.  Cade struck out his first time up.  The second time he was up, he got a triple.  Yes,  you read that correctly.  A TRIPLE!!  But guess who had to go to the bathroom?  Just as we were getting back to the field, I was able to hear him hit and then run the bases.  I can't BELIEVE I didn't get it on camera.  I was sick.  A triple.  And I missed it.  The heart ache.
The third time he was up he got on base after a dropped third strike (see video below).
Checking the line-up.

Catching a pop fly.
Making sure he really did catch that.

Poor Lydia.  All the friends she was playing with at the last game didn't show.  But she was able to entertain herself.  And I'm pretty sure she brought the other half of all the dirt there back with her.

The pitcher getting the dinker hit to him, Cade getting ready to make the play.

Here comes the throw...
 He's OUT!

Rusty was great as the first base coach.  I hope coach puts him there next game!
The home umpire discussing a play with the other umpire.
Yes.  That is a picture of the umpires READING THE RULE BOOK IN THE MIDDLE. OF.
 THE GAME.  The other team was doing some stuff out on the field that had all of us confused and scratching our heads.  Needless to say, they beat us.  But I'm pretty sure we were the better team.

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