Sunday, April 1, 2012

Got 'Em

For years now, I've fallen, without fail, for the ol' Cade's puking in the toilet gag every April Fools Day.  
Every. Time.
Not this year.  I took 'the best defense is a good offense' to heart.  Now, I can cook.  Pretty well, I like to think.  It's just that the end result is ALWAYS much better than the journey.  At times, I'm not exactly that coordinated when it comes to some kitchen utensils.  I accept that.  I use them anyway.  Rusty knows this, too.  Soooo...while making pizza earlier today, I made a big deal of sharpening my knife while Rusty was on the computer.  You know, setting the stage.  A few minutes later, I start chopping the onion and garlic for the sauce and I started hollering as if I had injured myself.  Cade was in on the joke as well, so he came in calling for Rusty.  And Rusty being the loving, adoring *eye roll* husband that he is, finished entering a number in his spreadsheet, then came running in to see this:

Pretty good, right?  Now, does anyone out there know how to get food coloring stains off skin?
I should also note that Lydia did not see this.  I couldn't have the disastrous results that my St. Patrick's Day trick had:
 I figure traumatizing my youngest once a year is probably the limit. :\

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