Thursday, September 6, 2012

 Lydia is in Pre-K.  She's been in Pre-K for about 2 1/2 weeks now.  I've been prolonging this post because it's just so hard to accept.  Tough year for ol' mom.  First, my first baby goes off to middle school, now my baby is on her way to elementary school.  

The start of all the obligatory first day of school photos for Lydia has begun.  Even though the Squires (isn't that adorable?  The kids in K-8 are the Knights.  And since Knights in training are called Squires, that's the nickname they gave the Pre-K kids.) aren't required to wear uniforms, Lydia insisted on wearing this plaid jumper like the 'big girls wear to Cade's school'. That brings up a funny little story.  She keeps calling it Cade's school.  Not her school.  Yet.

She was giddy.
Statue photo.
Her first *sob* pledge *sniff* of allegiance. 

Her new table mate.
She hadn't spied me yet.
Peeking out the door, looking for mommy.
Showing off her first sticker.
Aaaand  I she made it! Lydia absolutely LOVES her Pre-K class.  I love her teacher, Mrs. Kennedy.  As sad as I am that my little girl is growing up, I couldn't be more happy that she's here.

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