Thursday, February 7, 2013

December Recap

It's been a long time since we've last met.
Long time.  Been a bit busy.  Tues/Thurs basketball practice, Mon/Wed/Sat basketball games, Wed night dance practice, Thurs night cheer practice, Sat morning cheering.  Christmas seems like it was a lifetime ago.
So here we are at the famous (more like infamous, really) Boleski Christmas gathering.
While this one was maybe a little more classy than previous years, it was still pretty sassy and very smart @$$y!
I give you Nine Ladies Dancing:

And somebody* taught mini-me senior the Bob and Doug McKenzie brothers' Twelve Days of Christmas. Cade had the honor of being the first day of Christmas, so he went with what he knows.
Notice the blush?  Like he was embarrassed.  Please.  He loved it.

I can't remember for the life of me what these girls had.
Four calling birds, maybe?

This little man belted out a number from his Christmas program.
He brought the house down.
This little girl has some pipes, too!
It was a Sarah sammich!
All Cade really wanted for Christmas was cash or gift cards.
No fun for the Aunt's crazy shopping day.
However.  They did manage to squeeze a little fun into the cash giving.
Enter the unsuspecting-looking box of chocolates.
Plastic wrap?  On the inside?

Aww yeah!  It's dolla's!
Which begs the question:
Jenny, where DID all that chocolate go?
He even got some minty money.
Still waiting to deposit all those dolla's.  Can't bring myself to take all those singles he got for Christmas (he got that plus many, many more *ahem steph*) for fear of what the tellers will think at the credit union.  Maybe I'll stick Rusty with that one...
That face.
Isn't that why we go nutso at Christmas?  Nothing gets me like that look.

Mo' money! Mo' money!


Now meet the newest member of the Dennis family:
Bob "Buster" Dennis.
Lydia's first pet.
More like my 10th. 
It took a while for Bob to take to eating.
Thought I was going to have to take Petsmart up on their 14-day guarantee.
Finally, like on the actual 14th day, he figured out what that foul-smelling, flaky stuff was 
and started to ingest it. 

*you know who you are.

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