Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ah, The Holidays...

That joyful, wondrous time that we look forward to all year: shopping! No, I mean, time for relaxing and hanging out with the family, celebrating the joys of the season and eating yourself into oblivion. I'm always thinking about shopping, so it's more the latter than the former. (Who made up that saying anyway? Former vs. 'the Latter'. And how have I become someone who uses that in everyday conversation?) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Our Christmas (es). Yes. Christmases. We always have at least 4 0r 5 every year due to family being every which way and where. So with that, I give you the many Christmases of the Dennis household:

It all started innocently enough with the annual Dennis Christmas tradition:
the viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Then things start to get a little crazy..

'I remember when rock was young...'
All together now:
'Naaaahhhhh! Nah nah nah nah naaaaahh! Nah nah nah nah naaaaaahh!'

I'm sticking to my previous statement:
Cade will do anything for a laugh.

All the kids were in on this 'performance'. We've got a feather-clad guitar player, Catholic school beat-boxer, the 'Hot Ladies' of Sedgwick County and the sassy pants sistas from Shawnee County-East/Central. Holla!

They do kids birthdays, Bat and Bar Mitzvas and receptions.
Just contact their manager at

'Twas a Pillow Pet Fest.

But let's not forget the lovable Lalaloopsy.

Mama got a new night shirt.


Daddy and his new 'six pack abs'.
(Get it? Six. Pack. ABS????)

And we can't forget the holy grail of all gifts:
the 'satchel'. You know, because Indiana Jones wears one, too.

The kids walking in on what Santa brought to our house Christmas Eve morning.



Don't you just love it when you take the time to get the house all spic and span for the holidays the week before and it only takes minutes to look like this?

The names and faces have not been changed to protect the innocent.
Or in this case, the guilty.

This party was, after all, BYOB-bring your own bottle.

Lydia got the party started by throwing down some sweet moves.
Yeah, boyyyyeee!

And then things took a turn for the...unexpected.

And what's a party without re-enacting one of the all time best SNL skits?
While he might look a little more like Adrian, his moves are allllll Barney.

Eventually, we got to the gifts.
Forget all the new battery operated, download-needed-to-play-with toys of today.
I'm telling you people.
Go old school to really impress the kiddos nowadays.

This is his OMG face.

Explaining to Hanna why this is one of the raddest, most sought after presents of the season.
At least to Cade.

Now we're back at our place having Christmas with Rusty's side of the family.

Lydia had to put on this getup right out of the bag.

Super sweet stuff for the KU room.

Doing his best Wimpy Kid impersonation.

This was how we saw these two for the rest of the weekend.

Fast forward to New Year's day for Christmas with my side of the family.

Mr. M inspecting a very interesting toy.


It was the Christmas of totally cool t-shirts for Cade this year.

2 Super Mario, 1 Wimpy Kid, 1 Star Wars, 2 KU, 1 Nike Livestrong--and none of them duplicates!

She was speechless when she opened this.
Then, like a volcano of words she screamed, 'BARBIE FASHION FAIRYTALE, MOMMYYYYY!'

Miss E loves dressing up like a 'pincess', so I think this one was a hit!

She got terribly possessive of these shoes.
So much for the Christmas spirit of sharing...

Ay carumba!
The Dora Big Wheel stole the show, fo sho!

The after Christmas, food overdose-induced coma.
Like I said before, ahhhh, the holidays.

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