Sunday, October 4, 2009


Last Saturday was another beautiful day to get out and enjoy some football. Washburn (4-1) hosted the Fort Hays State Tigers (also 4-1 before this game) and it looked to be a good game.
And it was.
The Bods won 28-14!

This might be my new favorite picture of Lydia.
Love how it looks like she only has one toe on the ground.

Whose house? That's right. Our house!

Somebody's REALLY excited to be at an 'Ichy-bods' football game!

Tail-gating. WU-style.

Chips! Good lunch, Mommy!
NO, that's not all I had for her to eat.
I'll have you know I packed a banana, a cereal bar, and umm, some
Nilla Wafers (OK, clearly not the best choice, food pyramid-ly speaking,
but she only at a couple.)

Wondering when I'll be able to get a normal, ordinary photo of these two
that doesn't creep me out.

Susie H., Delta Gamma/Washburn U. alumna extraordinaire.

Cade took this picture.
I like it.

This is Ron...something. He was my boss when I worked in the
athletic department at Washburn. Can't believe he's still there.
Actually, I can. I can't imagine the athletic department without him.

Oh, you crazy kids!

Best seats in the house.

It was AMAZING how fast items fall down this hill...

*ahem* footballs, soda bottles, and um, camera lenses...

Cade got a bit tired of chasing all our 'stuff'.
We got a bit of a talking to from him.

This particular flag came out when one of our guys 'allegedly'
pushed a Tiger when they were out of bounds.
Not a popular call with the fans.

This was a spectacular catch that I missed by about 2 seconds.

These girls were so good, they didn't need any stinkin' yell leaders.
But I have to admit, I did have the urge to stuff a couple of Big Macs down the throat of the girl on top.

This apparently looked more fun than it actually was.


They scored on this play.

The PAT...'s goooooood!

Cade's classmate and fellow cub scout, Noah, was there, too.

OK...this is MUCH easier and more effective.

They're happy.
WU-28 FSHU-14

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