Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carvin' the Ol' Punkin

Last weekend we started carving our very own pumpkins for the first time. Yes. That's what I said. Last year's pumpkin only came about because of the kind gesture made by our 'back door neighbors', the Martins. And all the previous years, we've had the Mr. Potato Head pieces you stick in a pumpkin to make the faces or we drew on them. Prior to that, my only experience carving pumpkins came one night at the Alpha Delta house many, many, many years ago and well, that's another story. Not even sure if it qualifies.

Anyhoo, here are some pics of our carving fest. It starts off during half time on a Saturday, but due to a sour post-game mood (you'll understand once you see the final products), we didn't finish our masterpieces until Sunday evening.

The first cut is the deepest.
Baby, I know the first cut is the deepest... THIS is what the inside of a pumpkin looks like!

Cade thought he could scrape out the insides with a spoon.
He wasn't getting very far so I told him needed to go elbows in.

'Look, mom, pumpkin guts!'
*eye roll*

Brian came back to help us again.

I'll have you all know that this WAS NOT my idea...

She did seem pretty adamant that she have a turn.

But alas, she got bored and decided she had seen enough and had heard enough.

Kaaaaaaaaay U! U!

With surgeon-like precision, Cade makes the first cut into
the larger of the two pumpkins.

Just making some final touches and...

*drum roll*


Not bad for amateurs.

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