Friday, July 16, 2010

By Jove!

I think I finally got it! Aaarrgghh! It's all in the details, Dawn. Aaaaalll in the details. Seems that I forgot to flip the little switch on my lens from manual to autofocus.
{mental head slap}
Cut to the rescheduled fireworks display in Salina last weekend. After a great day of hanging out at the new waterpark with our beautiful nieces and awesome bro/sis-in-law, lunch with my parents and another beautiful niece for my dad's birthday and dinner at La Hacienda (YUMMMM!) with my in-laws for my mom-in-law's birthday, I wasn' t sure I, or anybody else for that matter, had anything left in the tanks to go out and brave the crowds again to watch the display. My sis-in-law and oldest niece were troopers and humored me enough to join me so I wouldn't be alone. (Thanks, guys. It was a blast!) We ended up at a softball complex parking lot (the site of which will be host to a long-awaited, much anticipated reunion of sorts. More info and pics to come, but I digress.) to view not one, but two, TWO fireworks display. The city and the country club had the whole dueling fireworks things going on. Quite impressive, really. And can I just take the time right now to tell you how impressed I have been lately with my little home town of Salina? I remember the minute I graduated from HS I hit the ground running away from this town, unable to wait to move to the big town of Topeka (ha!) and all it's more sophisticated and much more exciting things to do.
{Huge eyeroll}
Fast forward 16 years (OMG! Has it really been that long??) and I find myself yearning to get back to good ol' Salina. My how things have changed!
Anyway, here are the photos I've longed to capture for years now. I could have taken the time to lighten or tweak them in photoshop, but I didn't. So here they are. Just a little bit proud of them. Enjoy!

These starburst ones are my favorites!

Yes, I meant to have this one look like this. This time. Wanted to watch the firework explosion grow and fall with the exposure.

Ditto on this one, too.

Oooooo! Aaaahhhh!

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