Sunday, July 18, 2010


Or more correctly the SNFAC, but it's just easier to say SNAC without the F than with it. It stands for Shawnee North Family Aquatic Center, by the way. It's one of our favorite places to hang out this summer. Here are some pics of one of our visits.

Lydia and her 'water goggles'. And yes, she has to wear them. The whole time.

Nothing feels better than running through these fountains on a haaawwwwt day in Tooooopeeeeeekaaahh.

The beach is over there.

For those of my friends out there who have ever considered wearing a speedo out in public (and yes, I do have some out there) THIS is why I begged and pleaded that you didn't.
Not pretty. Noooooot pretty. Unfortunately for this guy, he doesn't have a friend like me to warn him of this fashion faux pas and the potential harm he caused to the eyes of any innocent bystanders.

Doing a tuck (AKA 'canonball') jump. This was before he started his diving lessons.

Chillin' in the shade.

This is Lydia's favorite thing to do at SNAC. And she'll do it over and over and over...

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