Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Sports

This post was supposed to be finished about a week ago. And then we all got sick. Cade missed an entire week of school. An entire week! Now, I'll be honest and say that he got Monday off for MLK day, but he would have stayed home had they been in school. And then they had a snow day on Thursday. But again, he would've stayed home. And it hit me, too. Hard. Moms aren't supposed to get this sick. I missed a board meeting and an opportunity for a great date night with Rusty. We had the sitter ready and all. I don't know if there is anything harder than canceling a sitter. Anyhoo, hopefully we're going to be feeling better this weekend. I'm out for Cade's basketball game and we are a game-time decision for a b-day party. Rusty just has to last until the end of Cade's basketball game and then the hammer can fall for him. I've already heard him start to hack away. I still sound like an emphysemic Harvey Fierstein. (Trust me. It's a pretty accurate description.) We will now return you to our regularly scheduled post:

It's that time again! The kids are back into the swing of seasonal sports. Now up: basketball for Cade and gymnastics for Lydia. 'Gymnastics is a winter sport', you say? Look, gymnastics is a winter, spring, summer or fall sport for Lydia. Got it? (She really likes gymnastics.)

Here are some pics from the second game of Cade's basketball season. He had a monster game.

These cuties were part of our half-time entertainment.

And then soooommmmebody wanted to cheer, too.

So she cheered.

And cheered some more.

Then the second half began and we could feel something in the air tonight.
Hold on. Hold on.

Didn't make this one, but wait:

Ahhh, yeaaaaahhh!

Good game, Cade! Go Red Storm!

And Lydia is back at gymnastics.

This picture makes me say, 'Namaste'.

This look cracked me up. Wonder what she's thinking.

Swinging like a monkey.

So funny!

Concentrating on keeping straight.

Coach did a good job at distracting her to keep her up there longer.

All on her own now. Can't believe she's doing all this already. Seems like we just started the other day.

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