Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cade's Big Day

Cade had his First Communion Sunday. Photos weren't allowed during the actual service (see the previous post for the life-like pre-enactment) but we managed to get plenty before and after. All in all it was a beautiful service (a little drawn out with all the singing of prayers and responsorials that are usually spoken) and proud moment for Rusty and I, and a pretty cool moment for Cade.

The classic pre-communion pose.

Cade and his best bud, Riley C.

Cade's prints are on the second row, second from the right.

The First Communion Quilt.
All the kids got to pick out a special fabric that is sewn on the back and they have their names and hand prints on them.

Cade getting his communion book blessed by Father John.

The other classic communion pose.

I'm thinking he was tired of smiling and posing for pictures at this point. And really, who can blame him? If you saw how many pictures were taken that day, you'd swear the papparazzi were there trying to get a shot of some celebrity.

Cake topper/communion gift/cemetery thing (Thanks to Riley B. for pointing that out. It had not occurred to me that it does, in fact, look like a grave marker.).

Suh-weet! A new Nintendo DS game! Lego Batman!

ANOTHER DS game! Pokemon Platinum Version. Score! Yes, he also received a few very nice religious articles as well. This was, afterall, a very spiritual moment in his life.

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