Friday, April 24, 2009

The Giants Win!!!!

Cade had his first game of the season tonight and they won 13-8!! What a great way to start the season. This year's games are distinctly longer than last year's. And now that there is really no containing Lydia, they seem even longer. I'm afraid I'm going to miss a good portion of the action even though I'll be right there. I need to take a sitter with me. Any takers? Oh well. I'll catch what I can and I'll pass it on to you here. But seriously, any takers on the sitter job?

Classic pregame pose.

Looking fierce.

Not sure what this is...I think maybe Rusty told him to pretend he was catching a ball?

OK, this is NOT Cade, it's another teammate, Charlie. Lydia and my erratic camera lens made it impossible to get any other photos of game action.

The final score.

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