Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Sunday

Yes, there are a TON of photos in this post. Deal with it. *wink* My baby only makes his First Communion once in a lifetime and I'm celebrating (read: coping) by documenting almost every moment of it. The fist half of these photos took place Thursday evening at practice for the main event. Complete with a run through with ALL the communicants practicing receiving the host (not yet blessed) and sipping the wine (not a favorite of the kids). Thank goodness I signed Cade up for the first Sunday. They went in order and when you were finished with practice you could leave. I felt bad for the families who signed up for the last Sunday. They must have been there forever!

The last half is from earlier today. We worked on a memory box for Cade that was to hold mementos and cards and such from his first communion. What the kids didn't know was that we were going to be at church waiting for them and that there would be cards and letters in them. When the kids walked in, it was so funny to see them realize, one by one, that their parents were there. Then it was more comical to watch their faces when they opened the boxes and saw what was inside. It's not often you surprise seven year olds, but when you do, it's priceless! I was impressed with all the cards and letters Cade received from students in other classes, other teachers and family members of friends. It truly made for a special moment leading up to his first communion.

Seriously, have you ever seen cuter kids?

My little man.
He says he "looks like a lawyer" in this get up.

A good one of Rusty.

Catching Lydia during a quiet and still moment.

Could everyone just look at ONE camera? Please?

So close! Riley, what's so funny?

I can only imagine what was going through Cade's mind.

Now we're getting serious.

Here we go.

Getting his first taste of the bread.

OK. Not so bad...

The dreaded wine.

*ugh* Still a little pucker-lipped.

Miss Lydia enjoying the nice weather and the wind blowing through her hair and toes.

The memory boxes.

More boxes.

There are some pretty crafty moms and/or dads in this class!

Lining up to get their boxes.

What! Who put this stuff in there?

Realizing they are notes and cards of well wishes.

Looking at the mini-scrapbook I made with pictures from first communions of Rusty, me (sort of), Mark and Steph.

Enjoying more embarrassing photos...

Lydia loving on Cade.

More smooches for "Brugga".

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kim said...

Very cute pictures and family! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon!