Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Field Day at Mater Dei

Last week, Cade's school had it's field day at Crestview Park. It could not have been a more perfect and gorgeous day for it either. I drove up and was literally in awe because of the scene before me. Kids EVERYWHERE, running, laughing, and just really enjoying themselves and the beautiful day. They couldn't have planned it any better. The stations or games, whatever you want to call them, were awesome. Miss V, the PE teacher, really outdid herself this year. I thought last year's was fun, but this one was amazing. Below (or above, depending on how this thing gets uploaded) you'll find a slide show of just a few pictures I took of the action.

This was SSSOOO much cooler than the field days I used to have growing up. Raise your hand if your field day consisted of about 5 different races with pop and snacks afterwards on the black top or field behind your school. Lame, lame, lame, lame, LAME!!!! And let's not forget the little ribbons we got if we placed in the top 3 of each race, right? Oh yeah. I had all kinds. But for whatever reason, we all got totally psyched up for it and couldn't WAIT for field day. WTH?
Was school that boring or our lives that deprived that this was the event of the year? Wow. Man, kids these days have it so good. Did I just say that? Aaww man, I'm getting old.

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