Friday, May 1, 2009

Dancin' the Night Away

So this post was supposed to be about Cade's family fitness night at school, where the theme for the night was dancing. And it is, sort of. I mean, Cade is there, there was dancing and there were people from school there. But...well, as you'll see from the photos, a couple of other people (and I'm not saying who) had a little more fun than the others...

They were calling Lydia the Dancing Queen. What can I say? The girl's got rhythm.
*She gets that from me.*

Doing the Chicken Dance...

Just about to start looking at daddy in a whole new way...

*A picture of Rusty was here, but, at his request, was deleted.
Believe me folks, it was a good one!*

Doing the Charlie Brown.

I'll teach you the Electric Slide...

*And the sprinkler. Again, deleted picture of Rusty doing the
sprinkler was supposed to be here.*

Break dancing. Notice whose knees are at the left? Yep. He was breakin' it down, too. There were about 4 0r 5 really good ones of Rusty getting into it, but he'd prefer you not see them. Fine. Whatever. You'll just have to imagine for yourself what kind of funky fresh moves he was throwing down that night.

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