Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Hollywood

I purchased some incredibly cheap sunglasses for Lydia the other day because, to date, she has broken two pairs of my incredibly cheap (thank goodness!) sunglasses and rather enjoys trying to put mine on and playing with them. The moment she saw these and realized they were her very own pair, she was in HEAVEN! She loves her "gasses" (Lydia speak for glasses, not what some of you might be thinking) and totes them around just about everywhere. Here are some pictures of her playing with and modeling her "gasses".

Coming over to greet her fans.

What are
you looking at? I don't tell you how to wear
your sunglasses, do I?

This is her "trying not to look like I'm a celebrity
posing for the paparazzi" pose.

Giving her adoring fans what they want.

Yes, it's hard work being this cute, really.
But I try. *sigh* I try.

Almost looks like they're messing with her depth perception.

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