Friday, May 15, 2009

This Week in Baseball

Yes, I know I haven't posted many pictures of Cade's games. Honestly, right now I can't even remember if I've posted any.


I actually had you, the reader, in mind, really. Do you know how many games are left that I can post pictures from? Plenty. Just glance over to the right of your screen. Don't worry. They're coming. I still have pictures from a Spring Concert and a couple of other things to post. These are pictures from Cade's latest game that was played just last night. They beat the Mavericks, who, until last night, were undefeated. Yay Giants!!!!

Pregame shenanigans.

Batter up!

This was right after he got hit by a pitch. On the back. Ouch.
Left a small red mark.

Good game boys!

Go Giants!!!!

Final score.

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