Friday, July 10, 2009

The Curse of Motion Sickness

Tonight we went to a friend of Cade's birthday party at Gage Park and the Carousel. While Cade was one of only two boys at the party, he managed to survive all the pawing and teasing unleashed by the many smitten girls. (Maybe one of these days Cade will realize the boy to girl ratio in his class is actually to his advantage. Let's just hope it's not any time soon!) Lydia had a blast. She loved sitting at the table with the big girls, coloring and eating. But most of all she loved, loved, LOVED the carousel ride. As most of you are aware, I get terribly motion sick so I was a bit apprehensive about the ride, but I sucked it up for the kiddos and put on a brave face. I rode it not just once, but twice. I know. Crazy, right? That's just how I roll.

The following photos are my photo diary of the evening and how things looked from my perspective at different points during the party.

Lydia was in heaven sitting at the 'big kid' table.
(Note how nice the photo looks while my feet are planted firmly and safely on the ground.)

Cade and Aaron sitting among the sea of girls, pink flamingos, hibiscus flowers and leis.
(Still feeling pretty good.)

She loved playing with these straws. Not sure why it brought her so much joy, but whatever. It kept her in her seat.

Ok, now we see my photography skills starting to wane and my wooziness starting
to kick in. I'm sure anybody else would not have had a problem, but you know me...

Seriously, I don't even remember taking this one.

I'm thinking maybe I was listing a bit to the right and my aim was a bit 'off'.

This one was taken as the carousel was coming to a stop. My whole world was still spinning, but I managed to keep the camera still long enough to get a half-way decent shot of the joy on Lydia's face while she was riding her camel.

Again, don't remember taking this one...

I have to admit that this one and the rest of these were taken while the carousel was stationary. You can tell we're not moving because the background doesn't appear to be spinning.

This is a more accurate depiction of the reaction from Lydia as she rode the carousel for the first time. She said, "Up high!" and "Up and down!" the whole time. It was so cute. I think.

Lydia wanted to ride the carousel over and over and it broke my heart that I couldn't take her on it again. I had definitely had enough. Rusty can do it next time. He owes me.

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