Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Last Game of the Season/Tournament

Monday night's game ended up being Cade's team's last game of the season. It was their second loss in the double elimination post-season tournament. They went to extra innings but fell to the Mavericks 14-12. Cade was bummed they lost, but not so bummed about the season finally being over. They also received their 3rd place tournament trophies at the end of the game.
Lydia was in rare form that evening as well. She found the dirt again but this time managed to keep the damage to a minimum.

Getting a ball in to first.

Just waiting for some action out in right...

'Do it?' Lydia speak for, 'Mom, come over here and dig in the dirt with me.'

'I do it!'

Still waiting for another ball to come his way...

Had to come over and give his mom a hug.


Umm...what's going on here, you two?

Oh. That's what I thought. Tell him who's the boss, Lydia!

Last second advice.

Just a split second ahead of the pitch.

{cricket chirp, cricket chirp}

Checking out the hardware.

Way to go Giants! Great season!!

Thanks, Coach Kyle!

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