Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Adventures with the Adventuremobile

Our library here in Topeka has a few mobile units called Book Mobiles and in the summer they have one called the Adventuremobile. Each week has a different animal theme with a section of books on or about or with a character that is that week's animal du jour. Last week's animal was dogs. Lydia LOVES to see dogs. I didn't know before we got there that it was dogs, so when I saw the dogs in a pen, I told Cade we had to go into the Adventuremobile stealthily around the dogs so that Lydia wouldn't see. If she had, we never would have made it to the books.

Monkey see...

Monkey tried.

This is Lydia saying, 'Hi puppy! Hi puppy! Hi puppy! Hi puppy! Hi puppy!'

She could barely contain her excitement when she saw this little guy. I, on the other hand, was wondering how this petting session was going to affect Lydia later on...

'Niiiiiice puppy.'


No, Lydia, you can't get in the cage with the puppies.

For the record, this has NEVER happened before.

She partied too hard with the puppies. Or just the dog allergy kickin' in. Probably why she passed out on the floor.

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