Friday, July 17, 2009

Glutton for Punishment/Temporary Amnesia

Last week Rusty suggested that I take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's, commonly referred to Carlos E. Queso's in the presence of Lydia. As soon as we turned onto Wanamaker, Lydia spotted the sign and immediately started saying, "Cheeses? Cheeses? Cheeses?", over and over. 'Cheeses' being Lydia speak for Chuck E. Cheese's. Once we parked I asked her, "Lydia, do you want to go see Chuck E. Cheese?" Her eyes were as big as saucers and her smile filled her whole face when she said, "OKAY!!!!" It was at that moment I felt conflicted with two different emotions: 1. Elation. The look on her face and the excitement that Cade had for getting to play games for tickets made me feel like everything I was about to endure was all worth it. 2. Sheer terror. I mean, I'm sure I swore back in March that I would never do this again. What was I thinking?

This time, however, there were maybe five other families in there with us. Completely different than the last time. My fears were relieved upon seeing this. Lydia bee-lined it to the tot section and said, "Slide? Slide? Slide!", like a million times. Almost the same number of times she actually went down the slide.

Of course I can't get them both looking at the camera at the same time.

I'm just going to have to settle for one at a time...

This game just gives me the willies.
Do you know how many other foreheads have touched this?
And do you really think they wipe it down?

Loving every minute of slide time.

Hard to find a place in town where you can entertain two kids, six years apart, and have them both be extremely happy. This mouse is running a racket.

This was when Lydia kept saying "Hi, Cheeses! Hi, Cheeses!" over and over so many times that it started to sound like, "Aye, Jesus! Aye, Jesus!"

This was as close as she wanted to get to Cheeses.

I was surprised she went anywhere else
besides the slide and the stage.

...aaand we're back to the slide.

Her smile never left her face the whole time we were there.

Cade took this picture. Not bad, huh?

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