Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trunk/Trick or Treating

Thursday was the Trunk or Treat at Cade's school. It was pouring out when we went to set up, so they decided to hold it in the gym. This year, since Lydia was going to be Boo, I decided to go with the whole Monsters, Inc. theme. I had a Monsters, Inc. CD ready to play music from the movie and had the most awesome props: Sulley (thanks, Val!) and a real life Boo!!!!

Our Monsters, Inc. motif display. Not as cozy as it would have been in the back of the Sante Fe with the Monsters, Inc. music blaring, but it worked. Even got a few compliments.

Lydia, aka Boo, being silly in the hall.

I know.
a lot of stuff on the walls.
Seems a bit distracting.

They all got to read a book report they wrote on Halloween-themed books.
I was getting a bit creeped out by the tales of dead kids and people haunting their former homes and schools.

Can't believe there weren't any duplicate costumes this year.
Gotta love the girl in the whoopie cushion. I'll be watching out for her in about 6 years...

The cutest ref. Ever.

Hitting up all the other tables for some loot.

Definitely one of the best costumes of the day. The other was an Aunt Jemima syrup bottle
and I can't believe I didn't get a pic! :(

Lydia wasn't around for most of the event to be my Boo prop for the display.
Just as well, too. There were some pretty ugly, evil masks going on.

My Boo and Captain Kirk.

This was my inspiration for Cade's costume.
Pretty easy to identify who he was, right?

TELL ME this isn't my Lydia in cartoon????
I know, right?
If ever there was a human form of a cartoon character, Lydia is it!

A pumpkin chiminea.

Lydia's really getting into it here.

I had to switch up Lydia's costume. It was a bit chilly and if I put a jacket over the Boo costume, I would have spent the whole evening saying, 'She's the little girl from Monsters, Inc. Boo?'
I had pictures to take.

The WU cheerleader 'costume' was a big hit.
And I suspect was much more identifiable than Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Her favorite treat of the whole night: CHIPS!!!!

Eyeing that Jayhawk bowl, wondering if there are any chips in there.

An official pose by the pumpkins...really should've taken this about a week ago.

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