Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Basketball Season!

Saturday kicked off basketball season at the Dennis house when Cade's team, the Hawks, had their first game. We all were pretty psyched and looking forward to it. Cade had a few good plays and rebounds and he even got to shoot 2 free throws. In the end, the Hawks didn't come home with a win, but they did look like they could get a few this season.

Catching a little air during his warm up drills.

Lydia is trying her best to stay entertained.

Tip off!

D-ing up.

Taking it down the court.

Looking like a baller!

Time out!


Rusty coaching from the stands.

Umm, Cade?


Turn. Around.

Gimme the rock!


Shooting 2 from the line...

Didn't quite make it. Hit the rim.

Shawty got game!


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