Thursday, September 8, 2011

Goodbye, old friend!

For the past six years, I've been stuck with this gem for my ID and driver's license.  It's been fodder for many a party and has been the source of many guffaws on my son's part.  I've been told anything from, "Wooowww..." to "OH MY GOD!" to "You're a good sport!" for letting anyone other than those who are required to see it see it.  But what else am I gonna do?  It's too obviously* horrible to take seriously.  Of course I had to laugh at it.  I've always thought the little ghost picture under my d.o.b. was a riot, too.  Like I really needed two of those pictures.  Today I went in to get its replacement.  I don't have it yet to post because they just give you that receipt with a sketchy black and white copy of the photo they took.  And it better be a freakin' Glamour Shot this time!  No more shocked looks of horror and disbelief from unsuspecting cashiers or bank tellers.  I've had my fill,  thankyouverymuch I won't know for another week or so what it really looks like, though.  Apparently that's the turnaround these days.  So for now, please allow me to bring you some comedy relief and get your weekend started off right.

*it is obvious that it's not what I really look like, right?  I mean, I know we probably look different to ourselves, but come on!  The only time I feel I look like that is if/when I get goosed or somebody asks me if what they're wearing makes them look fat.  Although, if you notice, it was taken the day before I turned 30.  I'm thinking this was my subconscious reaction to that realization.  Pretty much sums up how I've felt every Sept. 8th since, too.

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Kit said...

Happy Birthday Dawn!! I am a little late with my good wishes to you but I hope you had a great one!! I don't think I have ever seen that DL picture.