Friday, September 30, 2011

So we've been going to the home Washburn games for a couple weeks now.  Been lazy about posting all the pictures I've taken at all of them, too.  These are from our last home game.  It was pretty exciting because the game was being televised on NATIONAL TELEVISION.  The air around campus was electric and you could definitely tell it was a special night.  
Cade's friend Riley joined us as well.  The pictures are acting funny again.  Not sure why they're coming up fuzzy.

Standard Ichabod tail gating fare.

Lydia's not a hot dog eater.

Lydia put on her own little pep rally for the folks in our area.
Wish I would've have videoed it.

Go Blue!
Go White!
C'mon Bods, Let's FIGHT!

She was actually doing her routine from cheernastics, too!

 Waiting patiently to get her photo taking with the cheer squad.

    She was in heaven!
(and maybe I was too..just a little..)

 This picture cracks me up! 
It looks like the gal in front of me has man hands.

 Just something about a night game.
 They had to bring extra lighting for the broadcast.

 Speaking of broadcast...

I know we watch many DI games on TV all the time, but seeing Washburn on national television completely blew my mind.  If you had the chance to see the game, you know how spectacular WU looked.  I'm still blown away and proud that we had the opportunity to represent the MIAA on the CBS sports network.
Oh!  Washburn beat Missouri Western State University 41-20.
Go Bods!

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