Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reviewing another favorite teams's loss

As I sit lamenting KU's first and only (thank goodness) loss of the year, I remembered that I hadn't posted the pics from the Boston game that Rusty took me and the kids to for an early birthday celebration.  I was hoping to see Wakefield get his 200th win, but it was not to be.  It was a wicked pissah.  There was no Youkilis.  No Becket.  No Big Papi!!! However.  Saltalamacchia was there.  Scutaro was there.So was Adrian Gonzales and Pedroia.  Plus some others, but mama was very happy nonetheless.  
As an added bonus, my little bro was at the game!  And we had great seats.  Gotta love StubHub!

Now, I know it's no Fenway, but the K is pretty sweet. 
No Green Monstah, but there is a great fan experience in and around the stadium.

A little pre-game show during our PrrrrrrrrICE Chopper tail gate.

Not sure what music she was hearing, but she sure was jamming to it.

Getting warmed up to catch some fly balls.

Scut. Ah. ROH!

Can you see Jaime?  He's the one in blue!

Let's go Red Sox!
clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

Could there be a cooler last name than that?
Well.  Besides, Dennis.  Duh.

Awwww, Jaime!  Watch the game!

Shout out!


Which one of these is not like the others?
Which one of these just isn't the same?
(Can you tell which one is the rookie?)

Probably the one with the Justin Bieber backpack.

Saltalamacchia and Wakefield strategizing.

A house divided.

Enjoying the pregame fireworks.

Predroia the Destroyah. 
He really is smaller in person.

Saltalamacchia looks...even better in person?

He had a bit of a rough night, dang it.
Next to the Hos, Pedroia looks like a 10 year old!

Check out the wicked knucklah.

Pedroia getting down and dirty.

Batter.  UP!

The Royal's Thunder.
Apparently it's a drum line made up of drummers from Joplin, MO.
Frank and Ryan interviewing...ummm...I don't know.

What!?  You try entertaining a 3 year old for 9 innings!
She's still wicked smaaht, so no worries.

That's Saltalamacchia sliding into home.

Tie went to the runner.

And here, too.
Although, Wakefield seems to disagree. 

Francona, et al.
Salty trying to talk some sense into Wakefield.

Didn't take to the advice.

Would've been nice to see him get his 200th.
Would've been nice just to see Boston with a W that night.

Yo, Adrian!
 Gonzo with a little dribble down the first base line.

She's my little light brown monstah.

It was a gorgeous night and perfect for baseball.

Hosmer and his no look scoop.

WHAT could she possibly be asking that player that is of any relevance?
Yeah, Boston lost.  Yeah, a lot of players I was hoping to see weren't there.
But I had a blast and got to get my Beantown Swaggah on.  I'm pretty sure the rest of the fam did, too.
Thanks for a great Saturday night, Rusty.

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