Thursday, March 12, 2009

80's in Kansas in February?

Rollin' my 5.0 with my ragtop down so my hair can blow...

Lydia's new sweet ride.
{This was Cade's car when he was a tot. I'm thinking I need to add some streamers, ribbons, glitter or something to girlie it up.}

Taking her wheels out for a spin down the block.

The race is on!

Cade's getting ready to lap you, Lydia!



Faster, Daddy, faster!!

She came to play!

You're still taking pictures?

Precious moments.

Drawing just like brother.

Lydia had to get into the middle of things...

Lydia was COVERED in chalk when we went inside. Which, by the way, she was NOT ready to do. As you can see, most of the chalk is on her backside. She was not happy with me for taking her inside. Somehow all that chalk got transferred to the neck and shoulder area of the front of my shirt while I carried her in. Can you visualize this? Believe, me it was quite the struggle to get her cleaned up.

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