Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh, The Things We Learn!

Ever consider all the nuances, control and skill it takes to feed yourself? The other day when Lydia was trying to feed herself, it became apparent to me just how difficult it really is to hold a fork, spear a piece of food and proceed to accurately put said food into your mouth . Even with opposable thumbs, it's quite challenging. Here are a few pics of Lydia trying to do just that. It definitely has a learning curve and Lydia is patiently trying to learn the gross motor skills and control of her little hands and wrists required to handle a fork like a pro.

Really? You're taking pictures of me while I'm eating breakfast? I haven't even brushed my hair yet. Thanks, mom. Love ya.

Getting a new angled approach to the 'nanas.

Jabbing, stabbing and spearing away.

Success at last!

Once the 'nana is on the fork, we have to turn the fork around for better control, right?

Maybe if I lift the plate just a little...

Last bite! Last bite!

Flying her happy plate around.

Admiring a job well done.

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