Friday, March 13, 2009

Just A-Swingin' (Or Not) Take 2

Cade doing a little spring training.

Catching a glimpse of the other "beh-beh" in the window.
{Her own reflection.}

Her supermodel face.

Cutie pie.

Trying to hide behind her shades from the paparazzi.

Wanted to be just like mom.

There's gotta be a better way...

OK...I'll try it again...if you guys insist...

Hrmmmm...not too sure about this...
{Cade's hand is on her shoulder and he's reassuring her that it'll be OK}

Mmmmmm....not feeling it...

Nope. That's it.

Get me outta here!

So we tried out the swing again last week since the weather was SO beautiful. Lydia gave it the ol' college try but wasn't having it again. Oh well. We'll keep trying. She definitely enjoys being outdoors, though. Just wish the ol' fort was a little more toddler-friendly.

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