Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Day

The snow finally came our way in the middle of the afternoon. After about an hour and half of trying to find the kids' winter stuff we made it outside. Just like anything new to her, Lydia didn't show much emotion during her first encounter with snow. I do think she enjoyed herself because she wasn't exactly thrilled when I took her inside.

Mommy, what's this "crunch-crunch" noise when I walk?

It's no!
{Lydia speak for snow.}

Is it me, or do his legs look freakishly long in these pants?

How can you be a kid and not do this?

Even Lydia tried to catch a snowflake.

Getting the hang of walking in the snow with snow boots just a wee bit too big.

What? You mean you can pick this stuff up? Awesome.

really isn't a good idea.

Love it.

Lydia tried REALLY hard to get on the picnic table bench all on her own, but the snow bibs wouldn't let her lift her leg high enough.

She sat here for a while watching Cade and Rusty throw snowballs at a tree.

Bombarding Dad with his surprise stash of snowballs.

Holding her first snowball.

She couldn't reach the snowball because of her coat.

Waving at the birds flying into our tree.

Just thought this was a sweet picture.

Trying to warm up with Daddy.

Now on to the front yard where there was a break from the north wind.

Aren't these the cutest footprints?

Cade insisted on carrying his huge snowball during our "snow walk". He told us it was good exercise for him.

The whole time we were outside, I couldn't help but think that once again, Lydia reminded me of something:

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