Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cross Over

Yeah, I know I'm a little behind. But I'll get us caught up eventually. But first, Cade had Cub Scout Crossover a couple weekends ago. If you're not familiar with the jargon, it's when all the current cub scouts advance to the next level of scout. This year Cade was a Bear, which means he has advanced to Webelos. I was the den leader again this year as well and admittedly, it wasn't my thing. I did my best, under the circumstances. Those being that I only did because I had to or else there wouldn't be a den leader or Bear Den. Anyhoo, I have to admit, though, that Crossover is/was my favorite part of the whole Scouting experience. I've been a part of various initiations, rituals and special ceremonies and I was floored when I saw it for the first time last year. The people who organize this, I'm sure, have been doing it for years and it's awesome. I know that's not very descriptive, but it's all I've got. Below you'll see the pictures I was able to capture.

The day starts off with a really cool version of The Amazing Race. The scouts get put into teams of 2 or 3 and get clues to go to different countries. They have to race around from country to country just like on the show except the countries are different stations positioned though out the camp site. Once the race is over, we have Mass and then an awards ceremony/Pack meeting. Once all of that is over, it's cross over time.

Gearing up for their first leg of The Amazing Race.

"Do we take the detour then the roadblock? Or do we choose one or the other?"

Finding...Germany? I don't know. I was 'zee French baker. Hohn hohn hohn! And zee scouts had to get zee right ingredients to bake a cok.' (I don't know why, but my French accent sounded more like a cross between the French Peas on Veggie Tales and Franck Engellhoffer.)

This poor girl was trying to understand me and my horrible accent. The funny thing is, I was also supposed to be a Spanish senorita, (I came dressed for the part and everything!) but that accent was even worse than my French one.

Reading during Mass.

Reading during the Pack ceremony.

Getting rounded up for the march to the Cross over ceremony.

All the scouts gathered around the bonfire.

This is where it starts to get cool. This guy is an Eagle Scout and really does a good job of playing the part of Chief.

This is great. The only picture I happened to get of Lydia and she's looking oh so lady-like during the ceremony. Hey Lydia, got an itch...or a question...or both?

Unfortunately for Cade, the other 3 Bear cubs were a no-show for Cross over so he had to do this part of the ceremony all by his self.

In case you were wondering, those are heat vapors from the bonfire that are emanating in front of that guy on the right.

Getting his purple mark of the bear.

This is where the guy throws some kind of flammable powder on the fire and causes a crackle and the flames to shoot up for a brief moment.

Now, this is where the ceremony starts to get just a little bit weird.
See the boys marching with torches from behind the big building in the back?

Up until now, this ceremony has been pretty cool and awe-inspiring.
(At least in person. Can't say that the mood translates too well online via pictures.)

I don't know.

This part was a little too 'Lord of the Flies' for me.

Now this is truly a sight to behold.
I've never seen it done until last year's ceremony.

It's a flag burning ceremony.
Noooo. Not
that kind.

This is how to respectfully retire the American flag once it is tattered and torn and otherwise unable to be flown properly. Pretty cool to witness.

And the piece de resistance.


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