Monday, June 7, 2010

Who Knew?

I, for one, had no idea. While 'shopping' on Amazon, if you're a regular like me, they will make suggestions like 'new for you' or 'inspired by your browsing history'. So I popped over to Amazon today and nearly did a spit take because, apparently, this was inspired by my browsing history:

Beg your pardon?
What could I have POSSIBLY been browsing for that would have inspired this? I can only assume that since Rusty and I both use the same computer at home to surf, he must have been looking for something that triggered Amazon to 'suggest' this to me. And since I clicked on it to copy the picture, God only knows what other 'suggestions' I'll find the next time I visit Amazon. Can't wait. But before I could go any further in my surfing, my mind started filling with questions like:
How do they know this?
Who, for an entire year, took the time to weigh their or (gag me) someone else's...umm...specimens?
Or did they abbreviate the study's timeline and just sort of average it?
Who funded this study?
Who would fund this study?
How reliable are these results?
Who really cares?
And why in the world would they need ILLUSTRATIONS?????

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Kit said...

Cracking up! That is too funny