Thursday, June 3, 2010

Field Day

These are pictures from Cade's Field Day. And I gotta tell ya, I'm just too pooped from golf, baseball, and this whole kitchen update to fill this post with my rapier wit commentary. So this is what you get:
It was a beautiful day. The games were creative and fun. The kids had a blast. Who could ask for anything more?

Little Miss if-Mommy's-wearing-her-sunglasses-so-must-I.

Defending his energy cell during a game called Star Wars Blast (I think).

Whose Field Day is this?

Only Lydia's all time favorite activity in the world.

This game was funny to watch.
It's doesn't look like much, but it was surprising to see just how much coordination was required in order to run over these rows of cups, pick one up, add it to the pyramid and run back. It apparently is harder than it looks. At least that's what Cade's class would have me believe.

Cade's team won!

This picture cracks me up. The girl who is jumping into Lydia's personal space and backing her into a corner is the female version of Calvin. No joke.

I'm not sure, but I think I may have croaked really loud like a frog and made her jump.

This game was OK, I guess. The whole time I kept thinking, 'Man, I wonder where they got those beach towels. They're pretty cute. Wouldn't mind having one of those.'

Rubber chickens. Psychedelically colored rubber chickens. That is all.

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