Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Day of School!

Goodbye 3rd grade, helloooo summer!
The last day of school was two Thursdays ago, but we can still reminisce, can't we?

Yes, that is Cade's teacher, Mrs. Myers, in a wheelchair. Funny story. Not ha-ha funny. More like roll your eyes funny. She threw her back out while on the computer. Yes. You read that right. Apparently while speeding through inputting grades for her students, she pulled a muscle in her back. Now all of a sudden this blogging is looking a lot more like a strenuous activity. Better remember to stretch before I post another entry.

All the kids in Cade's class.

All of the 3rd-5th graders who placed in the honors Math (or was it science? Cade was in both groups, but I can't remember which one this was) in the standardized tests they took earlier in the year.

Peace out from the 3rd grade.

The obligatory end of the year photo. I think Mrs. Myers would cringe, but it was the best one of Cade.

'Mommy, she's so cute!'

The last day of school ritual with the Champney's. In years past, we usually went to the BK just down the street from school. But then we got a Freddy's.
Need I say more?

ONLY some of the coolest kids at MD!

This is how the Knollwood/Briarwood/College Hill kids roll.

Umm...well, except for this one.

...aaaaand this one.

OK. Now here go.

They're so crazy.

Now they're cool like dat.

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